Giro cleaners Green Leaf

GI-RO Dry Cleaners is committed to using environmentally safe cleaning products and eliminating toxic waste, while still offering the highest quality dry cleaning services possible.

Eco-friendly cleaning

Gi-ro’s wet cleaning process in environmentally safe and effective!

WHAT IS WET CLEANING? Professional wet cleaning is a superior cleaning choice that is hygienic and safe for the environment. Wet cleaning is a solvent free method we use to clean your clothes. In one word, green.
IS IT SAFE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT? That’s the point! In fact, wet cleaning is widely recognized by the EPA as one of the most environmentally friendly options available today.
The Earth is our friend, and we intend to treat it as such.
WILL YOUR GARMENTS BE SAFE? Short answer: yes. Long answer: GI-RO Dry Cleaners has been using the wet cleaning technique for over 15 years. We are comfortable using wet cleaning on 99% of all garments.

Items made with 100% wools, cashmere, silks and other delicate fabrics can now be safely cleaned, treated and finished through wet cleaning. Professional wet cleaning is safe for all your “dry clean only” garments.

Our Concord Asko wet cleaning system uses low levels of water and very little mechanical action. The wet cleaning detergent cleans your clothes more gently than hand-washing and a finishing agent maintains the new look of your clothes. Translation: your clothes are cleaned in the gentlest fashion possible – ensuring the greatest lifespan for your clothes. There! Don’t you feel smarter now?

Reusable Garment Bags

giro-cleaners-bagNo More Plastic Bags!
We’ll give you a reusable, GI-RO garment bag for just $7 (two for $10). It’s simple. The bag has two uses. At drop off, use it as a duffel bag to bring your clothes into us. At pick up, your clothes will be returned, hanging and protected inside your garment bag.

Visit one of our stores today and ask a customer service rep how to get started, or just sign up.

Hanger Recyling

Recycling is Easy!

GI-RO will provide you with a FREE hanger caddy to keep at home. Once it’s full, bring it to us and we’ll take it from there! It’s easy! Stop in one of our stores today to get started!

Are You A Pick Up & Delivery Customer?

You can still get a hanger caddy!
Just fill it up and leave it out for our driver to retrieve on your next pickup day.