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Fabric Care Tips in Buffalo, NY

We Make Sure to Give Each Item Careful, Individual Care

Well-Maintained Fabrics

At GI-RO Dry Cleaners, we have decades of experience working with textiles. We’re more than happy to help our customers maintain their clothing and home fabrics because we know that well-maintained fabrics look beautiful for years.

When to Use Dry Cleaners

Although many items can be cared for at home, some fabrics and special items require dry cleaning services. We carefully clean fabrics like silk, suede and leather and items with delicate embellishments to preserve their beauty.

Tried-and-True Care Tips

When washing fabrics at home, be sure to carefully read their care labels and follow those instructions. Before putting them in the washer, make sure to close any zippers or fasteners to avoid snags. Repair damaged clothing quickly.

More About Fabric Care

Take Care of Your Fabrics

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